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Dr. Elyassian is dedicated to your oral health. He is also passionate about new dental technologies, continuously looking for new ways to increase treatment effectiveness and to reduce pain and discomfort associated with dental procedures. We’re thrilled that our efforts have been satisfactory to our previous patients and so humbled by great reviews some have left us on various online review channels:

“Dr. Elyassian was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and calming as I was very anxious and nervous to receive a sinus lift and dental implant surgery.  I have a very low pain tolerance but Dr. Elyassian allayed all my fears and anxiety. The preparation was very thorough as he explained every detail of the procedure and kept me informed throughout the process.  I was offered to listen to music or watch a Netflix movie and I chose the latter.  I was enjoying the movie during the procedure which kept my mind occupied and I am sure the Dr. appreciated it as well…” ~Eileen 8 Reviews

"Dr Elyassian was my dentist years ago and is now currently my periodontist. I honestly have nothing bad to say about him or his staff! He is conservative in practice and will wait (when the option is available of course) rather than push surgeries or other costly procedures. I have a beautiful smile because of him. I fully trust Dr. Elyassian and highly recommend him..…”~Gary. M.

“Dr Elyassian is amazing. I have always had a real bad dental phobia and when I was told that I needed implants, you can imagine how scared I was. Then, a friend of mine referred me to Dr E and that was the best thing that could have ever happened. He was so patient with me. He went through everything with me step by step. His office is real nice and so comforting. The staff is absolutely great. He used the laser dur…."~ Patient A

"Dr. Elyassian is a great dentist and his office is an state-of-the-art, he use advanced technologies that many doctors are not even aware of… He put his best effort to make my dental experience a pleasent one as I had bad experience with oral; surgeries in the past. Thank you Dr. Elyassian for such a wonderful experience!"~Jack M.

“Dr. Ramyar Elyassian is extremely professional and helpful. He cares about his patients, will make the phone calls home, and will fit you in right away if you have questions or concerns before or following a procedure. I recommend him without any reservation. A+”~Patient B.

“My daughter had to have a procedure to remove some gum tissue in her mouth, after her braces were taken off. A friend suggested Dr. Elyassian and highly recommended him. At consultation he explained in detail the procedure and answered all of our questions. He told us that no needles will be used for numbing the surgical area, since laser is being used for this procedure. I really found that hard to believe and t… “~Joe

“I needed a small growth removed from my mouth and went to Dr. Elyassian he did a fantastic job, he used laser technology and no pain, blood or discomfort. I highly recommend him for Dental Implants and oral surgery. “~AG+ User

“Today Dr. Elyassian extracted two of my teeth that were suffering from bone loss due to infection. The surgery went well and I didn’t feel a thing. It was seamless. His assistant Blanca helped me with all the necessary preparation for my bone graft surgery. She is very knowledgeable too. The office is well arranged and very modern. During my surgery, the doctor offered to switch the music to my liking and allowed me to watched a Netflix movie of my choosing via a system designed for dentistry. It’s pretty neat!”  “~Amber

“Last year I found out that I have gum recession and have to do gum surgery but I was so scared to do it until I met Dr Elyassian he was so kind explained the whole process and the day he did the surgery I was confident I am in a good hand he really is wonderful no pain at all his assistant was very nice&gentel I never forget the good feeling that day his office&equipment was awesome he did great job THANK YOU DR ELYASSIAN YOU ARE AWESOME ! “ “~Anonymous

“love this periodontist! And I’m a dental chicken. I had a failed root canal which is no easy matter. Really afraid and someone suggested Dr. Elyassian. Very thankful for that. He had to remove an old decayed root, it was not an easy procedure for any doctor but with Dr. Elyassian I can honestly say there was not one instance of pain. Not one, even the shots were painless. I was very comfortable, he is so kind “~Kathey

“I was referred to Dr. Elyassian by my General Dentist who spoke very highly of him, but I usually like to do my own research. His 5 star rating on Yelp and other rating sites certainly put my mind at ease (we are talking about gum surgery you know). I eventually visited his office in Tustin. He was very attentive and spent a lot of time examining my gums and explaining everything. Dr. Elyassian performed a deep cleaning using laser without any pain (who would “~U.s.D