Gum Cosmetic Surgery

This procedure is mostly performed to get rid of a gummy smile or excess tissue. Because we use a laser to perform this procedure, in most cases no needles, blades, or sutures will be used. Due to the conservative manipulation of the areas being treated, minimal post-operative discomfort will be experienced by the patient, with minimal to no blood loss. The Bio-stimulatory effect of the laser also helps faster surgical recovery. Dr. Elyassian is a gum cosmetic dentist with a successful track record of gum surgical treatments with the use of laser. As a gum cosmetic dentist, he takes pride in providing his patients with the most advanced technologies such as laser to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with gum surgeries and to make the experience a pleasant and comfortable one.

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  • "Such a caring and wonderful Dr. and team. They had me so comfortable and relaxed during my gum graft i actually fell asleep! His knowledge and technology are superb. Would definitely recommend Dr. Elyassian to anyone!"
    Chelsea M.
  • "Dr. Elyassian and his staff are great. Nice clean office. Very friendly and always give me the best service and treatment. Definitely would recommend."
    Siria R.
  • "I'm so glad I found Dr. Elyassian! I needed a bone and gum tissue graft to fix an issue from a previous dentist and Dr. Elyassian saved the day! He's talented and professional, and he really cares!"
  • "I am amazingly pleased with the friendly and high-quality service I receive every time I go to Dental Implant & Laser Surgical Specialists. Dr. Elyassian's expertise and concern for my overall dental health is truly appreciated."
    Melissa B.