Written Testimonials

Reviews from Google


John N.  

"Excellent with his his persnable and expert advice. My experiences have been far superior to any other Dental procedures I have had to endure. His office is state of the art. His procedures are carefully designed. He is the most outstanding Dentist/Periodonist or specialist I have ever had the pleasure to work on my gums in the past 20 years. I recommend laser procedures for gum surgery highly since I have had both, the old method using a surgical knife and laser. There is no comparison in the pain level and recovery level. Dr Elyassian YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK! You're gracious,fair and a true Human Being, Not just a Perio Surgeon. Thank you for all you have done to get my gums back to perfect health. As Arnold would say, "I'll be Back"."

Desireh S.  

"I've been a patient of Dr. Elyassian's for over ten years now -- I was a patient of his when he was a dentist (and he was absolutely amazing), and he has been my periodontist for the past five years now."

"I suffer from extreme gum recession and saw him in February for a gum graft surgery....the results came out absolutely terrific. What I was most impressed with was that he himself called me that night to check up on me and see if I had any questions. No other doctor I've been to does that. I felt incredibly taken care of. Dr. Elyassian also used some material (I forget the name of it) on all the surgical areas and that made the areas heal so quick! Additionally he used lasers during and post surgery which helped the healing process and prevented my face from turning black and blue. My gums look and feel so much better."

"Dr. Elyassian never disappoints. I HIGHLY recommend."


"I'm so glad I found Dr. Elyassian! I needed a bone and gum tissue graft to fix an issue from a previous dentist and Dr. Elyassian saved the day! He's talented and professional, and he really cares!"

Dominic C.   

"Dr. Ramyar Elyassian is extremely professional and helpful. He cares about his patients, will make the phone calls home, and will fit you in right away if you have questions or concerns before or following a procedure. I recommend him without any reservation. A+"

Susana L.   

"Dr. Elyassian and his staff are awesome. His staff is so friendly and make you feel at ease and welcomed. Dr. Elyassian knows what he's doing and he cares about his patients, a nice change from past experiences with other dentists. I definitely found mine and my family's dentist."

S. Bajgiran   

"I feel that I owe this review to everyone out there who is looking for a great doctor and a great place to have complicated dental procedures done with no hassles and no pain. Dr Elyassian is a true professional with extensive knowledge in dental implants and gum diseases. His office is equipped with the latest tools and technology, things like water laser technique that I had never heard of before. I went to his office because I heard that he is #1 in the nation in his area of expertise. I highly recommend him and I am thankful for the great service I received at his office."

Khoa N.   

"Due to my gum condition, I need to have a gum flap and bone graft surgery on some areas. Sounds scary at first, but Doctor Elyssian performed the surgery so well that I almost fell asleep during the procedure. After 3 hours, the only thing I felt was that my jaw was tired from opening for too long. Definitely recommended if you have gum conditions."

Chelsea M.   

"Such a caring and wonderful Dr. and team. They had me so comfortable and relaxed during my gum graft i actually fell asleep! His knowledge and technology are superb. Would definitely recommend Dr. Elyassian to anyone!"


Reviews from Yelp


Eileen V.  

"Dr. Elyassian was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and calming as I was very anxious and nervous to receive a sinus lift and dental implant surgery. I have a very low pain tolerance but Dr. Elyassian allayed all my fears and anxiety. The preparation was very thorough as he explained every detail of the procedure and kept me informed throughout the process. I was offered to listen to music or watch a Netflix movie and I chose the latter. I was enjoying the movie during the procedure which kept my mind occupied and I am sure the Dr. appreciated it as well. The procedure was completed which seemed to be quick as I was watching the movie. I highly recommended Dr. Elyassian to several friends that were looking into dental implants. I did not feel any pain while in the office and I followed the detail instructions given to me when I got home to alleviate any pain that I may experience post surgery. I was up and about the next day and felt amazing. I was pleasantly surprised and regained my confidence in dental procedures! Thank you Dr. Elyassian!"

Kelly T.  

"So I just got a gum graft and I suppose I should be resting but I had such an amazing experience that I had to write about it! Making an appointment was very easy. When I got there I didn't have to wait at all to go into the exam room. Dr. Elyassian was very informative and professional. His assistant Blanca was also very nice and helpful. I made an appointment for two days later and when I came in, they were ready for me. I was able to watch a movie through these cool glasses that hooked up to Netflix on the iPad. That really helped calm me down during the surgery. During the surgery, I barely felt anything since he uses laser technology. Right now two hours after, I'm still not in pain which is just great! Overall, I have nothing bad to say. Dr. Elyassian is a kindred spirit and genuinely cares for his patients. I would recommend him to everybody and anybody!"

Uri S.  

"Dr.Elyassian is amazing professional doctor that really cares, I referred to him by my general dentist three years ago, and become big advocate as it's hard to find a doctor that shine in his field. He use advanced technology, broad knowledge, and really takes his time to solve any dental complicated case with unique methods. He also has great staff that follow up with you trough all the procedure, a combination that make a visit to the dentist much more pleasant."

Walter W.  

"Dr.Elyassian was a very professional and friendly dentist. His staffs were very welcoming and helpful. I had two oral surgeries done from here and both times were job well done! I had fast recoveries, no complication, and you can watch a movie on these glasses while the surgery is being performed. This office also provides payment plans to help patients with bills. Overall, a great place if you need oral surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Elyassian to my friends and family."

Amber M.  

"Today Dr. Elyassian extracted two of my teeth that were suffering from bone loss due to infection. The surgery went well and I didn't feel a thing. It was seamless. His assistant Blanca helped me with all the necessary preparation for my bone graft surgery. She is very knowledgeable too. The office is well arranged and very modern. During my surgery, the doctor offered to switch the music to my liking and allowed me to watched a Netflix movie of my choosing via a system designed for dentistry. It's pretty neat! The patient wears a special pair of projecting specs which are connected to an iPad along with a pair of earphones. Watching a movie really calmed my nerves. It's nice to be able to laugh during surgery. Once the procedure was complete, Dr. Elyassian thoroughly explained aftercare to me and Blanca gave me the same info in written form. This was the best dentist experience I ever had!! Now I just have to take it easy and heal."

Arlene C.  

"I am so happy I found Dr. Elyassian! I had a dental implant for a front tooth with bone loss placed by a different dentist with bad cosmetic results. Dr. Elyassian evaluated the situation and performed a bone and gum tissue graft, fixing what the earlier dentist screwed up. Totally professional, lovely office, worked with me on my insurance and co-pays. An all around awesome experience!"

Sam W.  

"I have always had a massive fear about dental and gum work and have avoided seeing the dentist or periodontist like it was the plague. Well unfortunately that led to me having some serious gum issues... bleeding and pain :(. This brings me to Dr Elyassian -- Dr Elyassian made me feel comfortable from the first moment and was able to explain gum and dental care to me in a simple and non overwhelming manner. I never realized I had been flossing and brushing incorrectly for years. Dr Elyassian and his staff helped solve my gum issues and I'm now on a better track where those problems will be less common. I can't praise Dr Elyassian and his staff enough -- I even drive all the way from Los Angeles for appointments. :)."

Catherine T.  

"My general dentist referred me to Dr. Elyassian for the implant. With the minimally evasive technology, the whole process went so smoothly to my surprise. I have not felt any pain. I am happy with the service and would definitely recommend the office to all I know."

A Q R.  

"This is a place I would certainly recommend. The staff are kind, helpful, and friendly, the dr is great, it's a beautiful and clean office, and their laser services are awesome-they really work! I'm a patient for life and am so glad to have found them."

Uchicha Y.  

"Went to Dr Elyassian's to get my right wisdoms my teeth taken out. Was excited but also nervous because this time the extraction was difficult than the previous. Again, I got to choose an option between movie and music, which I chose the latter. This time, I had to put on Charlie Brown trio as my choice of music just for a little holiday spirit Huzzah!!"

"Staff were great and friendly as well as understanding my concerns. Once again Dr Elyassian never disappoints! His work with the laser combined with the music of my choice made an combination of artful masterpiece! He went through everything that needed to go through from getting the extractions all the way to cleaning all the infections. He was so attentive to my needs and and concerns. "

"Although I did freak out when he was pulling my tooth, turns out I did not feel a thing! In fact, I never knew he actually pulled out my tooth until I asked him! I was really impressed! I wouldn't have got this experience at any office!"

"Most people say that a hero wears a cape, a police uniform or a firefighting uniform. To this day, I'd say...Dr. Elyassian you are MY hero! Thank you"

Siria R.  

"Dr. Elyassian and his staff are great. Nice clean office. Very friendly and always give me the best service and treatment. Definitely would recommend."

Josie E.  

"I am so glad I found Dr. Elyassians office, after having a horrible experience at another office, I was nervous to visit a new place. My very first visit at this Dental office I was blown away with their customer service! The ladies at the front desk are always very sweet and helpful. The oral hygienist was gentle and kind and most importantly Dr. Elyssian and his assistant are very professional with great bed side manners. Dr. Elyssian does a great job explaining in detail what procedures need to be done without making me feel pressured into getting anything done. He is patient and makes me feel comfortable when asking questions. Visiting a dental office isn't always fun and definitely not one of my favorite places to be BUT with the issues I've had with my teeth I am very happy my mouth is now in the hands of Dr. Elyassian."