Teeth Xpress

Say goodbye to Loose Dentures and Say Hello to Teeth Xpress
Loose or poor-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even painful. Poorly fitted dentures can also be damaging to your gum and jawbones. The Teeth XP solution is an advanced implant-supported-denture that puts an end to loose uncomfortable dentures, creates natural-looking teeth, and preserves your gum health. Depending on your needs, a few implants are placed into the jaw with abutment posts. The denture is then secured to the posts with special prosthetic screws. The TeethXpress procedure is performed by TeethXP certified dentists usually within one day and under local anesthesia. Your existing dentures may be used or a new denture can be created so you can walk out with a brand new smile in a day! The healing process is not painful and you may need some pain killer for a short period of time. The initial healing phase will require soft dieting.

How should I care for my Teeth?
Dr. Elyassian recommends the use of mouth wash for 2 weeks. You should not use a brush or water pick during this time. Soft brushing is recommended after the 2 weeks period. Dr. Elyassian’s office will provide you with an instruction to properly care for your TeethXpress during and after the healing process.

Am I a candidate?
Dr. Elyassian is the only TeethXP certified dentist in California. To learn if you are a good candidate for TeethXpress simply request a free consultation  or call 714-730-3746

Frequently asked questions:
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