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By Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists
July 10, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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In the event of tooth loss or pervasive gum disease, the jawbone often becomes the subject of gradual deterioration. If this bone loss isn't stopped, not only will your face begin to sag, but any potential tooth replacement treatments become more complicated as well. Fortunately, with modern grafting techniques, the jawbone can be built up again. Led by Dr. Ramyar Elyassian, Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists offers bone grafting treatments to patients in the areas of Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, and Irvine, CA—here are some reasons why you may need to undergo this procedure.

Dental Implants

You may require bone grafting if your bone is too soft or thin to support an implant. The grafting materials can come from a variety of sources, including the patient's own body in some cases. Laboratory-processed bone and synthetic bone graft materials from a donor can also be used.

Following the graft, an implant can be anchored into the jawbone just like a real tooth, a characteristic that can stop bone loss and stimulate growth.

Saving Loose Teeth

Affecting almost half of American adults over the age of 30, advanced gum disease (i.e. periodontitis) can cause jawbone loss and the loosening of teeth. However, if the condition is caught and treated, the jawbone can thankfully be regenerated through bone grafting. This increases bone support and helps keep your previously loose teeth in place.

Dental Extractions

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from its jawbone socket, and these days, it's very common to deposit bone grafting material into the socket after the tooth has been removed. That way, should you want to replace your missing teeth with dental implants later on, that option will be available. Getting a bone graft right after a dental extraction can often avert the need for bone grafting just before dental implant surgery.

Think that you may need bone grafting? Give us a call

Take the first step towards a brand new smile today by calling Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists at 714-730-3746 to schedule a dental consultation in Tustin, CA. We want everyone in the Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, and Irvine, CA, areas to have healthy smiles that look great, too!

By Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists
March 29, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Losing a tooth from disease or accident can be traumatic. The good news, though, is that it can be replaced with a life-like replica that restores your smile. One of the most popular and durable solutions is a dental implant, which replaces not only the root of the tooth but the crown as well.

But there's a possible wrinkle with implants — for accurate placement there must be a sufficient amount of bone around it. This could be a problem if you've been missing the tooth for sometime: without the stimulus provided by a tooth as you chew, older bone cells aren't replaced at an adequate rate. The bone volume gradually diminishes, as up to 25% of its normal width can be lost during the first year after tooth loss. A traumatic injury can damage underlying bone to an even greater extent.

There is a possible solution, but it will require the services of other specialists, particularly a periodontist trained in gum and bone structure. The first step is a complete examination of the mouth to gauge the true extent of any bone loss. While x-rays play a crucial role, a CT scan in particular provides a three-dimensional view of the jaw and more detail on any bone loss.

With a more accurate bone loss picture, we can then set about actually creating new bone through grafting procedures. One such technique is called a ridge augmentation: after opening the gum tissues, we place the bone graft within a barrier membrane to protect it. Over time the bone will grow replacing both the grafting material and membrane structure.

Once we have enough regenerated bone, we can then perform dental implant surgery. There are two options: a “one-stage” procedure in which a temporary crown is placed on the implant immediately after surgery; or a “two-stage” in which we place the gum tissue over the implant to protect it as it heals and bone grows and attaches to it. In cases of pre-surgical bone grafting, it's usually best to go with the two-stage procedure for maximum protection while the bone strengthens around it.

Necessary preparation of the bone for a future dental implant takes time. But the extra effort will pay off with a new smile you'll be proud to display.

If you would like more information on special situations with dental implants, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

June 12, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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The teeth in your mouth are held in place by dense bone inside of your gums. Your dentist can look at the condition of the bone tissue by bone graftingviewing an X-ray of your teeth. After tooth loss, that tissue weakens and starts to recede. If you’re a candidate for dental implants, a dentist at Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists in Tustin, CA, and serving Orange County, may suggest a bone grafting treatment first.

What Is Bone Grafting?
Bone grafting is a dental procedure that helps renew, restore, and strengthen bone tissue hidden inside of the gumline. Your dentist uses bone tissue that has been harvested from other areas of your mouth (called Autograft bone) or from a donor source (Allograft). The bone tissue will begin to regenerate and strengthen as healthy cells enter the area and replicate themselves. After a few months of healing, your Orange County and Tustin dentist will check the bone density again.

Reasons for Bone Grafting
Bone grafting is sometimes used in periodontal therapies to restore bone loss caused by gum disease. Patients sometimes need a bone grafting procedure right after an extraction appointment to maintain their facial structure. One of the most common applications is to shore up the bone in advance of getting a dental implant. You need plenty of strong tissue to hold onto the implant device. The goal is to have it stay rooted for as long as possible to avoid the need to redo the procedure in the future.

More Details About Bone Grafting
Bone grafting helps patients who otherwise would not be good candidates for certain procedures, like dental implantation. It is a straightforward surgical appointment requiring local anesthesia. For fast healing after the procedure, patients must eat better foods, avoid irritating the sutured area, avoid potentially caustic antiseptic agents, and quit using tobacco products.

Stronger, Healthier Bone Tissue
Your dentist can help your bone tissue regenerate with a bone grafting procedure. Contact the Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists in Tustin, CA, and serving Orange County, at (714) 730-3746 today for an appointment with Dr. Ramyar Elyassian.

By Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists
November 12, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

When they’re introducing a new movie, actors often take a moment to pay tribute to the people who helped make it happen — like, you know, their dentists. At least that’s what Charlize Theron did at the premiere of her new spy thriller, Atomic Blonde.

"I just want to take a quick moment to thank my dentists," she told a Los Angeles audience as they waited for the film to roll. "I don’t even know if they’re here, but I just want to say thank you."

Why did the starring actress/producer give a shout-out to her dental team? It seems she trained and fought so hard in the action sequences that she actually cracked two teeth!

“I had severe tooth pain, which I never had in my entire life,” Theron told an interviewer from Variety. At first, she thought it was a cavity — but later, she found out it was more serious: One tooth needed a root canal, and the other had to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant — but first, a bone grafting procedure was needed. “I had to put a donor bone in [the jaw] to heal,” she noted, “and then I had another surgery to put a metal screw in there.”

Although it might sound like the kind of treatment only an action hero would need, bone grafting is now a routine part of many dental implant procedures. The reason is that without a sufficient volume of good-quality bone, implant placement is difficult or impossible. That’s because the screw-like implant must be firmly joined with the jawbone, so it can support the replacement tooth.

Fortunately, dentists have a way to help your body build new bone: A relatively small amount of bone material can be placed in the missing tooth’s socket in a procedure called bone grafting. This may come from your own body or, more likely, it may be processed bone material from a laboratory. The donor material can be from a human, animal or synthetic source, but because of stringent processing techniques, the material is safe for human use. Once it is put in place your body takes over, using the grafted material as a scaffold on which to build new bone cells. If jawbone volume is insufficient for implants, it can often be restored to a viable point in a few months.

Better yet, when grafting material is placed in the tooth socket immediately after extraction, it can keep most of the bone loss from occurring in the first place, enabling an implant to be placed as soon as possible — even before the end of a movie’s shooting schedule.

Will Atomic Blonde prove to be an action-movie classic? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: When Charlize Theron walks down the red carpet, she won’t have to worry about a gap in her smile.

If you have questions about bone grafting or dental implants, please contact our office or schedule a consultation. You can read more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Dental Implant Surgery” and “Immediate Dental Implant.”

June 02, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Bone grafting is usually done in order to restore the bone to its previous form, before gum disease, trauma or tooth loss damaged your bone graftingteeth. The procedure also helps maintain bone structure after tooth extraction too. Restoring and maintaining facial bone structure is important for many reasons and bone grafting in Tustin, CA, is easily achieved by our periodontal laser specialist, Dr. Ramyar Elyassian, who also serves the Orange County area.

About Bone Grafting

Bone grafting procedures help place a framework of material where the missing bone once used to be located. This allows cells to enter and start the important rebuilding process. Over a period of time, cells will remodel the graft material into functioning bone for a patient. This procedure is especially important for those that are looking to have dental implants planted in their mouth and don’t’ have the proper jaw bone density to handle the healing process well.

Bone grafting material comes from many places such as places in the patient’s body and transplanted to the desired place. Good graft material contains the patient’s actual cells and has no risk of transmitting disease. Bone grafting in Orange County and Tustin is a readily available treatment and doesn’t require a second surgical site. It has been proven to be effective in patients of all ages. Not only in its success, but also in its safety. Ultimately, once the bone graft is complete, the rest of the dental implant surgery can proceed successfully. This procedure is a bridge in order to a brand a new and improved smile.

To learn more about bone grafting in Orange County and Tustin, CA, schedule an appointment with our experienced and professional Dr. Elyassian today by calling 714-730-3746. He is ready and willing to examine your teeth, thoroughly, in order to determine whether or not bone grafting is a viable treatment option for you. He is just a phone call away.