Close the Gaps in Your Smile
July 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental ImplantsLearn about dental implants from your Orange County area dentist.

Missing teeth? Dental implants have become the preferred solution for missing teeth. Dental implants as artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jawbone. They allow you to live the way you want to — talking, laughing, eating, and enjoying everyday activities without worrying about your teeth. Dr. Ramyar Elyassian at Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists in the Orange County, CA, area offers dental implants to his patients. Here are four advantages of dental implants

1. You’ll look and feel great. Dental implants can close the gaps in your smile, improve your appearance, and make you look years younger. Dental implants look, fit, feel, and function like real teeth. They're so comfortable you won't even be thinking about them. You floss and brush your dental implants just like you do your natural teeth — no need to remove them for cleaning. 

2. You will enjoy food again. Many people take their teeth for granted — until they start losing them. Our teeth help us break down food for proper digestion. If you are missing teeth, you may have difficulty chewing certain foods. Dental implants function like your original teeth. With dental implants, you will be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

3. They’re built to last. Dental implants are a durable, long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. They are the strongest devices available to support replacement teeth. Dental implants that are properly cared for can last for decades. Some patients have had their dental implants in great condition for longer than 30 years. 

4. You can live life with confidence. Dental implants are anchored securely in your jaw, so they won't move out of place when you eat, laugh, or talk. They can also improve your clarity of speech. You will find that your speech is more natural. With implants, you will have the peace of mind to eat the foods you love, be as active as you want, say what you want to say and smile broadly.

5. They prevent teeth shifting. Tooth loss not only affects your appearance, but also your oral health. If you don't replace your missing teeth with dental implants, the adjacent teeth will begin to shift into the empty spaces. This puts your teeth at risk for fractures and damage. Dental implants can prevent your existing teeth from shifting out of place. 

6. They protect your jawbone. When teeth are left unreplaced, the jawbone begins to break down and deteriorate. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that stimulates bone growth and prevent jawbone loss. Getting implants as soon as possible after losing a tooth helps prevent jawbone loss at the site. 

Don't let life pass you by because of missing teeth. Say yes to dental implants! Call Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists at 714-730-3746 today to schedule a dental consultation in the Orange County, CA, area. Dental implants can restore your smile, improve your self-confidence, and help you live a better life.